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The John DeBella Show

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Every Monday morning at 8:10am, The John DeBella Show rounds up the dumbest human beings who made headlines over the past week. Then what do they do? “Thin The Herd,” of course. Figuratively, that is. Because the less stupid humans in our midst, the better off we all are. This week, there’s video accompaniment for two of the stories, so listen and watch along! And if you missed it, check out the The Daily Podcast.

Steve’s story:

Attempted Burglary at the Daytona Spy Shop

It takes a special kind of stupid to try to break into a Spy Shop and Private Investigator's office! Especially since they backed their vehicle in directly under a surveillance camera with the license plate plainly visible. This moron hit the glass window 56 times and it didn't give way!

Dave’s story: