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A Man Was Dying From a Seizure at a 7-Eleven and a Woman Stole His Dog

On Tuesday night, a 59-year-old guy named Robert Corbey was at a 7-Eleven in Longmont, Colorado and he had a seizure.

A 30-year-old woman named Melody Mellon was at the store and she immediately jumped into action.  Not to help Robert, but to take his medical emergency as an opportunity to STEAL HIS PET DOG.

Sadly, Robert died from the seizure.

The police caught up with Melody on Thursday morning thanks to a tip and found her in a stolen truck. She was arrested for stealing the dog and also on outstanding warrants for assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, auto theft, and failure to appear on a felony drug charge.

The cops also found the dog, and reunited him with Robert’s family.

Cops Catch a Burglar Who Tried Unsuccessfully to Cover Himself in Mud to Hide

Two people broke into a house in Mayetta, Kansas on Friday night.  The cops showed up and the couple fled.

The police caught up with 25-year-old Chelsea Ray pretty quickly, but it took them a bit longer to hunt down 30-year-old Eric Fernandez.  Why? He covered himself in MUD and hid in a creek.

The cops were kind enough to take a picture of him covered in mud to share with the world.

Both Eric and Chelsea are facing charges for burglary, trespassing, and obstruction.

An Instagram Model Steals an E-Cigarette and Tries to Make Her Getaway in Both a Lyft and an Uber

There’s a 23-year-old woman named Kate Lamothe from Los Angeles, and she runs a very glamorous Instagram account that shows modeling pictures of her, bikini pictures of her, and lots of shots of her traveling the world.

Last week she was visiting Florida, so naturally she decided to start committing stupid crimes.

Kate took a Lyft to an Exxon gas station and stole a $43 Juul vaping device. Then she tried to get back in her Lyft, but the driver knew something was up and refused to be her getaway driver.  So Kate ordered an Uber instead.

Police got to the scene quickly and found her inside of an Uber van next to the gas station.  She was arrested for retail theft.

If you’re playing Millennial Bingo, we have an aspiring Instagram model who stole a vape pen and tried to get away with two rideshare services.  Here she is, in good times and bad…