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A Guy Is Busted for Using a Stolen Credit Card When He Signs “Thief” on the Receipts

There’s a 28-year-old guy named Marc Latimore from Butler, Pennsylvania.  He recently stole a woman’s credit card and used it to buy a cell phone at a Metro PCS store, along with beer and cigarettes at a convenience store.

In both cases, when it came time for him to sign the credit card receipt, he signed as “Thief.”

Regardless of why he signed it that way, the cops used the “thief” receipts to figure out what time he was at the stores, then reviewed the security footage and identified him. When they called the phone he’d bought, he answered. Using the phone GPS, the cops were able to pinpoint exactly where he was. He was arrested for receiving stolen property and theft by deception.

Topless Woman Goes Bottomless to Protest Complaints

There’s a 28-year-old woman named Anna Lee Halderman from Norwalk, Connecticut.  Last month, she was at a beach in Westport, Connecticut and she was drunk and topless.

Someone called the cops on her, and Anna was so upset that she confronted the person and protested by also dropping her bathing suit BOTTOMS.

She ran off before the cops got there, but apparently this was worthy of a full investigation, because now almost a month later, they’ve identified Anna and charged her with breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor. She says she has no memory of any of it.

A Guy Used a Front-End Loader to Dump Dirt on His Girlfriend’s Car After a Fight

There’s a 20-year-old guy named Hunter Mills from Crestview, Florida.  On Thursday, he had his girlfriend meet him near a construction company to have a serious discussion. Apparently she refused to answer one of his questions, and he decided to end the argument by climbing into a front-end loader and dumping a load of dirt on top of her car!

She wasn’t hurt, but her windows were open, so dirt got inside the car and did about $8,000 in damage. Hunter was arrested for felony criminal mischief.

A Couple Faked a Pregnancy, Faked the Baby’s Birth, Then Faked the Baby’s Death

A 23-year-old woman named Kaycee Lang and her 27-year-old husband Geoffrey Lang, from Friedens, Pennsylvania apparently wanted to scam some gifts and money out of their family and friends.

Back in May, they faked a pregnancy and held a baby shower.  Then in July, they faked the baby’s BIRTH by using a realistic looking baby doll.  Then things took a DARK turn, after they faked the baby’s DEATH.  They said he died after five hours, and even ran an obituary for him.  After that, their friends started a GoFundMe to raise money for the funeral. It raised $550.

Finally, after all that, one of their friends got suspicious it was all fake and called the cops.  After an investigation, the cops figured out the Langs HAD faked the entire thing. They’ve both been charged with two counts of misdemeanor theft and one count of receiving stolen property.