You Gotta See This

CENTERPORT, NY - AUGUST 10: A cormorant eats an eel at Mill Pond on August 10, 2018 in Centerport, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Bad news for Loch Ness monster enthusiasts – the fabled creature you’ve been obsessing over might just be an eel.

Scientist Neil Gemmell did research in Scotland’s Loch Ness water and found a surprisingly high amount of eel DNA in it, Huffpost explains. The scientist is unsure if the DNA points to a giant eel or a lot of little ones.

CNN also adds that the scientists also addressed whether there could be any larger-than-life reptiles in the water. “Is there a plesiosaur in Loch Ness? No. There is absolutely no evidence of any reptilian sequences in our samples. So I think we can be fairly sure that there is probably not a giant scaly reptile swimming around in Loch Ness.”

Loch Ness fans, Gemmell also lastly added, “A lack of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence,” So hey, maybe there’s still a chance.