Debbie Harry is releasing a new memoir, Face It: A Memoir, tomorrow (October 1), and as expected, it contains some insane stories from her remarkable career like this one outrageous story from Blondie‘s first tour with David Bowie and Iggy Pop.

In an excerpt shared by U.K.’s The Sunday Times, Harry details how after she hooked Bowie and Pop up with some cocaine, Bowie went on to expose himself:

“One time David and Iggy were looking for some blow. Their connection in New York had suddenly died and they were out. A friend had given me a gram, but I had barely touched it. I didn’t care for coke too much — it made me jittery and wired and it affected my throat. So I went upstairs with my vast quantity of cocaine and they just sucked it right up in one swoop.

After they did the blow, David pulled out his c-ck — as if I were the official c-ck checker or something. Since I was in an all-male band, maybe they figured I really was the c-ck-check lady…David’s size was notorious, and he loved to pull it out with both men and women. It was so funny, adorable and sexy.” 

In a separate interview with The Sunday Times about the incident, Harry alluded to that she felt that was Bowie’s unique way of thanking her for the cocaine and said, “It was very funny… I didn’t touch it. But I did think, well – very nice. I don’t know, it’s too bad you can’t ask him. I guess I was sort of flattered, you know? He’s one of the great men that I admire in the music world, clearly a genius.”

Face It: A Memoir is available for pre-order through Amazon.

Debbie Harry: The Epitome of Cool

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