Imagine you were just minding your own business after work at a nearby shopping/dining hub where you live, and then you look up and see one of the biggest rock stars in the world. That’s what happened to Chris Key at Auckland, New Zealand’s Britomart when he saw Bono leaving a bar.

Per The New Zealand Herald, Key said, “Suddenly he just walks out with the purple glasses on and I was like ‘No freaking way.'”

Key then approached the U2 frontman for a photo and put his arm around him for the selfie, but then Bono had an idea.

“…Then he was like, ‘Nah f— that,’ and put his arms around my neck, like he was about to bite my head off,” said Key.

Key was grateful for his moment with Bono and recognized that he didn’t have to stop for a photo saying, “You think people like that wouldn’t have time for people like me. I’d been working hard all day, plaster all over me and he took time out (for me.)”

U2 is currently in New Zealand for the latest leg of their Joshua Tree 2019 tour.


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