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Andre Gardner

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WMGK'S PM Drive Host Andre Gardner and WMGK Program Director Bill Weston hold up the station's 2019 Marconi Award from the NAB.

Bill Weston has a really tough job.  Not only does he have to oversee all aspects of music, promotions and digital content for 1029 MGK and, not to mention the unenviable task of keeping us MGK DJs in line, but he does the exact same thing for our Beasley Philadelphia sister station, 93-3 WMMR!!  Talk about multitasking!  Yet, despite all of that responsibility, he is always hyper focused on each station’s needs at just the right time, and always has time for us (despite busting our chops in this video!)

Today is Bill’s birthday, and Matt Cord and I wanted to wish him well.  We hope you will, too!

Sorry about my lame camerawork!!

André Gardner (@andregardner)

Happy Birthday, Bill weston!

Today is our program director (AND MMR Program Director) PD Bill Weston's birthday, so Matt Cord and I thought we'd bust into his office and wish him well.