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Last summer, 38 Special singer and lead guitarist Don Barnes had a “harrowing” experience aboard a Delta flight whose engine failed. Barnes and his wife Christine were among the 154 passengers aboard Flight 1425 from Atlanta to Baltimore when a malfunction forced an emergency landing in North Carolina.

“Christine and I were on that plane yesterday, thinking we’re going to have a nice relaxing few days off the road, and it looked like an engine flamed out,” Barnes said in a statement. “It was definitely a harrowing event. Everyone on that plane was very concerned as we descended. It’s not something I would ever want to experience again.”

Thankfully, within 12 minutes the plane landed safely and all passengers were booked on alternate flights to Baltimore.

38 Special is currently on tour, set to play Atlantic City on Friday and Glenside’s Keswick Theater on Saturday night. You can hear from lucky traveller Don Barnes on The John DeBella Show today at 8:10am!

You can watch footage from his harrowing flight below…