John DeBella: 

All my life I wanted a dog, but Mom was not a dog person. Dad wanted a dog, my brother wanted a dog, I wanted a dog, Mom always won. After I moved out I was always living in apartment building with a “No Dogs” policy, until 1980 when I moved to Pittsburgh. There I had rented a house and could do what I wanted and I wanted a dog! My girlfriend at the time took me to a town outside of Pittsburgh called Mars to meet a woman who had Springer Spaniel puppies for sale. There were 3 to choose from but one was smaller than the others and marked wrong for a Springer. That’s the dog I wanted. The breeder asked why and I told her that as the runt of the litter I knew most folks wouldn’t take him and that’s why I wanted him. She turned and said Happy Valentine’s Day he’s yours. He was red and because of the day that became his name…Valentine. It was always fun telling people he was from Mars. That was the best Valentine’s gift I ever got.

Dave Gibson:

Dave and his wife play it low key for Valentine’s Day every year but one year he did autograph a drumstick for her after his last rock show, before he quit music and moved back to Philadelphia with her.

Steve Vassalotti: 

9 years ago I got my wife (girlfriend at the time) a puppy which she named Dublin. She loved dogs, but never had a dog growing up. Best part about it was she lived in Manayunk with 3 friends and 2 of them had cats who wanted nothing to do with a puppy who just wanted to chase them. Dublin is still around and now dealing with 2 little boys who want to chase him. I brought her to my parents house, and surprised her with the puppy that was just walking around their house like he owned the place.

Andre Gardner: 

One year, early in the e-commerce boom, I bought three dozen of the most top of the line red roses you could get online.  I paid a premium to ensure the roses would arrive Valentines morning at 9am, just as I served my wife breakfast in bed. 9:00 comes, and breakfast is served.  But…where are the roses?  I called the company and they apologized, but I was out of luck until the following day.  THE FOLLOWING DAY?!?!  What the even f—-?!   You had ONE job, man!   I was so mad, I drove up the street to Whole Foods in desperation, expecting to find some pitiful wilted roses and, lo and behold, they had an awesome selection of beautiful Valentines roses!  Saved!!  I’ve been using them every year ever since.

Tony Harris:

She really into art so I distracted her with what she thought was her real gift, some art supplies and candy hearts. I had gotten a Valentine’s Day Got novelty box from Michaels and placed a diamond solitaire necklace in a red plastic heart which I surrounded with heart confetti and candy hearts. To the naked eye it looks just like a box of conversation hearts. I gave her the art supplies and candy a week before Valentine’s Day so she had no idea I had something up my sleeve. After some chatting I asked her to give me one of those candy hearts and the diamond fell out in her hands and BOOM the look was priceless.