COVID-19 Updates

Most of us are eager to get “back to normal” once the spread of COVID-19 decreases, but it’s going to take a vaccine for most people to truly feel comfortable in large crowds again.

In a new poll from Reuters/Ipsos, “Only about four in 10 who follow sports avidly and go to arts and entertainment venues and amusement parks said they would do so again if they reopened before a vaccine was available…Another four in 10 said they were willing to wait, even if it takes more than a year to develop a vaccine.”

As for the remaining two people (or 20% of those polled) they were unsure of “…what to do or may never attend those events again.”

Regarding a COVID-19 vaccine, the timeline as to when one will be made available to the public is still unknown, however, Oxford University made headlines this week for their lab testing one of the most promising potential vaccines. Per Fox News and The New York Times, Oxford’s Jenner Institute has begun human clinical trials of their vaccine after testing it on rhesus macaque monkeys to successful results. If the human trials are a success, a few million doses of the vaccine could be available by September.

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