You Gotta See This

This isn't the anchorman in the story.

Alfonso Merlos is in some hot water after a recent incident he had while working. The Spanish TV host was doing an at-home broadcast when a half-naked woman interrupted his shot. As Metro News explains,  “Merlos was presenting a report on the Estado de Alarma channel from his home when a woman, appearing to only be wearing a bra, walked through the room, in view of the camera.” They add, “Eagle-eyed viewers noted that the woman was not Merlos’s girlfriend, Big Brother star Marta López, but 27-year-old journalist Alexia Rivas.”

The moment went viral, and when Merlos broke his silence on the incident, he denied cheating and claimed that he’d broken up with his girlfriend. On a talk show, he apologized for the incident, saying, “If you think that my attitude has not been correct or that there are things that I have not done well, I have no problem asking for forgiveness, although my goal was not to harm someone else.”

Alexis Rivas, the girl who was caught naked, also said that she thought Merlos was single. “I didn’t get into a relationship, he told me he was single. We have been [seeing each other] three weeks.” Unfortunately, Marta López, his “girlfriend,” argues that they were still together and reveals that they had just had an argument.  “I had been mad at Alfonso for four days. He didn’t want me to do something that affected my family. I did it, and he got mad. We argue.” She also claims they’ve been on lockdown together since March 12.