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This is from our friends at the National Dog Show

This is Murphy. Murphy likes to chew. Murphy also craves attention – plenty of attention.

It all started at the DeBella Dog Walk in May 2016, when he was 10 weeks old – and it was a debut that caused quite a bit of drama for his family and the WMGK/DeBella Dog Walk staff…

Murphy accompanied his owners to the walk to help out at the National Dog Show Charity Walk booth. While everyone was busy greeting attendees and handing out raffle tickets, Murphy was under the table, secured by his brand new leash, carefully looped around the leg of the table…they thought.

Looking under the table to check on him, his owners realized he was gone and all that was left was the frayed end of the leash that he had gnawed through. Off they went, running every which way, calling his name! Now, Green Lane Park is a HUGE park, complete with a lake and a large parking lot – many hazards for a footloose, 10-week-old pup!!!

He wasn’t anywhere to be found and no one wanted to think about what could have happened to him! We started asking people if they’d seen him and got a huge search party going but no one had him. Finally, we grabbed one of the Walk staffers and he got on the walkie and found out that Murphy had been found and was nestled in John DeBella’s arms, licking his mustache.

It was love at first sight and Murphy has been a DeBella Dog Walk regular ever since.

But that brush with fame was not the end of Murphy’s need for attention. Though he’s never gotten lost again, he has been a poster boy and host for the National Dog Show Charity Walk annually in Paoli, posed for promotional photos in Atlanta in advance of the National Dog Show and showed up on a billboard promoting the 2019 event at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks.

Not done yet, the fluffy pup decided to get involved in the local political scene, throwing his support behind neighbor Ginny Kerslake, candidate for the PA House of Representatives in Chester County.  The campaign was thrilled, incorporating the photo into their outreach and establishing the hashtag #dogsforginny.

And it all started with John and friends at the DeBella Dog Walk!

Murphy Griffith falling in love with John DeBella at the 2016 DeBella Walk after he chewed through his leash and was rescued and safely placed in John DeBella’s caring arms.


Murphy playing poker at the 2016 DeBella Walk while he was “lost”.

Murphy out for a stroll with George, Paul, Ringo and John at the 2018 DeBella Walk

Murphy revisiting the scene of the crime at the 2018 DeBella Walk.

Murph pretends to be a Superhero at the 2018 DeBella Walk

Murphy on the electronic billboard on Route 401, promoting the 2019 National Dog Show Presented by Purina.

Old buddies catching up – Murphy visits his pal, John DeBella, at the 2019 DeBella Walk

Murph showing his support for Chester County PA State Rep candidate, Ginny Kerslake. #dogsforginny