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Over the weekend, I got an email from Corey Axler, a music teacher at Council Rock High School in Holland, PA.  Corey is a huge Beatles fan and even teaches a unit on the band in his music theory class.

While self isolating, he got the idea to write an arrangement of two Beatles songs and gave it to his students in the Council Rock South Choirs to learn and record at their homes.  I was blown away by how beautiful this turned out, and I wanted to share it with you. Thanks to Corey and these extremely talented young women and men for turning in such a wonderful, inspiring performance!  I hope you enjoy it.

Across The Universe - Council Rock HS South Choirs

"Nothing's gonna change my world..." is a difficult line to fathom during this difficult time in our lives, but through the power of music and love we will g...


~ @andregardner