One man, Eric Estavillo, is now suing Twitch for $25 million dollars after he says that the streaming platform exposed him to suggestive content. This individual is not new to lawsuits against giant companies, having recently been involved in efforts to sue Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Blizzard. According to the lawsuit documents that we’ve obtained, Estavillo gives a laundry list of female-only streamers that he is blaming for exacerbating his sex addiction due to his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and saying that it is impossible to use the service without being exposed to such content.


Twitch is sued for $25 million dollars all because somebody thinks that they exposed him to “suggestive content”, A brand new leak revealed a new Legend early for season 6 of Apex, and what big streamers ignored the blackout on Twitch that all started from sexual harassment allegations.

Now, the names listed in this suit are ones that most people who follow the Twitch platform would be familiar with; Pokimane, Amaranth, Alinity, LoserFruit, and almost 20 more. The cherry on top of all of this? Not only is Estavillo looking to be able to receive monetary compensation for his exposure to this content, but he also is looking to have every streamer named in his lawsuit PERMANENTLY BANNED from the website. According to the suit, Estavillo is following 786 female streamers and 0 male streamers, argues that the site doesn’t offer a way to filter streamers by gender, therefore he is forced to choose a “game and/or category” to watch with thumbnails showing these scantily clad women.

This is…..weird. And I don’t mean to be dismissive of Mr. Estavillo’s claims, because he does say that he suffers from multiple different disorders that are exacerbated by being forced to stay home due to COVID-19 and things he is seeking professional treatment for, but, is this really a thing that needs to happen? I would never call to light the things he suffers from, but this complaint? Yeah, I might make fun of that a little bit. You can’t ban all the hot women off a platform because their very image may seduce you. Twitch should not have to pay out 25 million dollars because you follow 786 attractive female streamers and they allow attractive women to remain on their platform. And if he thinks Twitch is bad, there is a whole different part of the internet I hope this man never discovers.


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