A teenage Twitch fan has racked up some serious charges on their parent’s debit card after an alleged $20,000 spree on donations and subscriptions, without the card holder’s knowledge. According to their parent, who posted a worried plea on the official Twitch subreddit, their “minor” child “spent almost $20k using a debit card on subscriptions & donations, cleaning out my bank accounts without my knowledge or permission. Years of savings gone in 17 days.”


The trailer for a new game called Gamer Girl leaked over the weekend on the internet and there are plenty more questions than answers for this weird and kind of disturbing game, a kid spent $20 thousand dollars of his parents’ money on Twitch streamers and donations without his parents knowing, and CoD players are threatening to quit or retire if next year’s CDL matches aren’t moved from being online.

Kid Gave Parents Money To Twitch Streamers

The big bummer out of all of this is that Twitch itself is not usually responsible for the donations, only for subscriptions and bits. So heading to Twitch may not be these parents’ first source of making this work. It’s going to be a long road full of dealing with a lot of people in suits, and that’s all to just try and recover some of the money, let alone all of it.

The conversation should also be turned to just how a minor child is able to spend that much money without something being flagged, somewhere, by somebody. I feel a little lost here in knowing who to blame, whether it’s the kid, the parents, or the service that allowed him to essentially set piles of cash on fire. Some blame is there to go around for everybody, but I really think it’s gotta come down on the parents, and maybe a little on the banking institution itself. I have experienced my debit card being flagged multiple times for running it back to back at a gas station when I forgot to buy something the first time, so how this person was able to unexpectedly spend that much money without something being flagged is wild to me.


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