You Gotta See This

China’s government is sending out a warning about chicken wings.

Per Bloomberg, consumers in the Chinese city of Shenzhen are being urged to exercise caution when buying imported frozen food after chicken wings from Brazil tested positive for COVID-19.

Bloomberg adds, “The chicken came from an Aurora Alimentos plant in the southern state of Santa Catarina, according to a registration number given in the statement.”

They write that the positive samples were taken from the surface of the meat. They also point out that previously reported cases of contamination in China were from the surface of packaging on imported frozen seafood and not on the actual meat.

People who were in contact with the product have all tested negative.

In a statement, Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry has asked Chinese authorities for any information that could get to the bottom of where the contamination started. The ministry has reiterated that there’s no scientific proof that coronavirus can be transmitted through food or frozen food packaging, and they’ve also reinforced their country’s strict safety protocols.

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