You Gotta See This

A three-year-old girl from Taiwan is lucky to be alive after a close call over the weekend.

Per the New York Post, the girl was at a festival in Nanliano, Taiwan, when she got caught on a giant kite. Heavy winds and the fact that she was only 28 pounds led to her being tossed around like a rag doll for about thirty seconds. At some points in the video, the child is being lifted up to 100 feet in the sky.

In the video, you can hear the crowd cheering initially, but then it turns into screams when they realize what has happened. At the end of the clip, the girl gets low enough where a group of bystanders could grab her and pull her down.

The outlet states, “It was not immediately clear how she became caught up in the kite, which appeared to have been wrapped around her stomach.” They add that surprisingly, she wasn’t seriously injured and only had mild scratches on her face and neck.

The festival was called off after the incident. Watch the shocking video below.