Nandi Bushell, the 10-year-old viral rock sensation who challenged Dave Grohl to a drum-off and got a response from Grohl himself, has now answered back.

After Bushell did a drum cover of Foo Fighters’ “Everlong,” Grohl then challenged Bushell to cover the Them Crooked Vultures song “Dead End Friends.” Not only did she nail the cover, she even copied the red plaid shirt Grohl wore in the challenge!

Once Bushell released his cover, Grohl responded in kind via Twitter with, “Ok, @Nandi_Bushell……you win round one….but it ain’t over yet! Buckle up, cuz I have something special in mind… Stay tuned, Dave.”

What that could mean is anyone’s guess, but you can bet we’ll keep our eyes out for what comes next, because it ought to be pretty great.


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