Rob Halford is one of the best follows on Instagram for many reasons, but one of those reasons is his cat shirts.

The Metal God has a staggering collection of cat shirts that he proudly shares every Saturday or “Caturday,” if you prefer puns.

Here’s a fun one!

And here’s another!

And don’t forget about this majestic button-up!

So, just how many cat shirts does Halford own? In a new interview with the Cobras & Fire Podcast, he said, “I think I have about a hundred cat t-shirts now. I used to have a beautiful kitty cat called Ben, who lived a long life and then suddenly passed, like they all do. It’s like losing a family member. But it was kind of difficult, because I’m on the road all the time and there’s nobody here at the house.”

Many metal fans love cats, and Halford has a hunch as to why.

“I think the reason why we like ’em in our metal community is because they’re fiercely independent,” said The Metal God. “You think you know your cat, [but] the cat knows you better than you do. And they’re so full of character and knocking things off the shelf and looking at you as if to say, ‘Look what I can do.’ But I love ’em for that. They’re beautiful creatures.”

Cats are beautiful creatures, but they’re still not as beautiful as Halford in a cat shirt. Talk about beautiful!

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