Wolfgang Van Halen continues to take on various false reports and other updates following the death of his father, Eddie Van Halen.

Wolfgang’s latest statement comes following a story attributed to People quoting Eddie Van Halen touting the use of CBD oil.

Wolfgang said via Twitter, “Hey, I’ve gotten enough messages about this s— so I figured I’d do my best to shut it down. This CBD oil thing going around is a scam. Another batch of soulless fuckers taking advantage of this horrible situation just to make a quick buck. F—ing a–holes.”

He continued, “Also, before people start attacking People Magazine, it’s not actually an article from them. This CBD oil company is using it as a template to scam people. If you DO happen to know the people behind this, by all means harass the s— outta them. You have my blessing.”

Wolfgang added, “I’ve also seen god awful photoshopped pictures of Al and Dave holding shirts on Facebook as some sort of ‘endorsement’. It’s just more scum of the earth trying to dupe you. Don’t be an idiot. Don’t buy the s—. Also if you’re one of the leeches selling this s—, f— you.”

This latest takedown from Wolfgang follow his recent criticism of an Us Weekly cover story on his mother, Valerie Bertinelli, with a headline that read, “Valerie Bertinelli’s Untold Story: Love, Loss & Staying Strong.” That was followed by two sub-captions that read, “Secrets to her dangerous marriage to Eddie Van Halen” and “Her dark past revealed: How she found peace at 60.”

Wolfgang shared a photo of the Us Weekly cover and tweeted, “F— this, and f— you, @usweekly. The only thing printed in this piece of toilet paper that’s true is that we all loved my father. This is not a new interview. My mother did not speak to them for this. That is all.”

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