David Gilmour has weighed in on the possibility of a Pink Floyd reunion happening.

Gilmour said in a new interview with Guitar Player magazine (as transcribed by NME), “It has run its course, we are done. I’m all for Roger [Waters] doing whatever he wants to do and enjoying himself.”

Gilmour added, “But I absolutely don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go and play stadiums. I’m free to do exactly what I want to do and how I want to do it.”

Tensions between Gilmour and Waters are a big reason why Pink Floyd hasn’t had any sort of reunion outside of their one-off performance at 2005's Live 8 concert, which still saw Gilmour and Waters butting heads regarding the setlist and even agreeing to perform at the charity concert.

In October 2019, Waters told Rolling Stone he last spoke to Gilmour in June of that year. “We had a big meeting where I came up with a big peace plan that has come to nothing, sadly,” said Waters. “…I bet all Pink Floyd fans are sorry to hear that. They all hoped that we could kiss and make up and everything would be wonderful in a cozy, wonderful world. Well, it wouldn’t be all that cozy or wonderful for me, because I left Pink Floyd in 1985 for a reason. The reason being that I wanted to get on with my work.”

Waters also said that Gilmour prevented any promotion of his 2019 concert film, Us + Them, to appear on Pink Floyd’s website saying, “It’s not allowed. He censored it, and I’m not allowed to announce anything on it.”

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