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Matthew McConaughey speaks during "One World: Together At Home" presented by Global Citizen on April, 18, 2020.

Matthew McConaughey has been dragged into the celebrity bathing debate after reports resurfaced of the actor announcing that he hasn’t used deodorant in three decades.

The 51-year-old actor revealed his aversion to deodorant while he was filming with his co-star Kate Hudson on 2008’s Fool’s Gold when she requested he put some on while they filmed scenes together, Daily Mail reports.

McConaughey recalled, “She always brings a salt rock, which is some natural deodorant, and says, ‘Would you please put this on?’ I just never wore it. No cologne, no deodorant. The women in my life, including my mother, have all said, ‘Hey, your natural smell smells one: like a man, and two: smells like you.'”

Despite being anti-deodorant, McConaughey insisted he takes multiple showers a day and brushes his teeth up to five times a day.

Other celebrities are against antiperspirant, like Cameron Diaz and Bradley Cooper. Cameron, 48, told E! News, “Antiperspirant is really bad for you. Let it go and just trim your armpit hair so it doesn’t hold on to the scent. You’re stinky because you use antiperspirant. It keeps all the stink in.”

Cooper, 46, revealed in an Esquire interview that he believes that the body self-cleans, so “I don’t use deodorant really anymore,” he said. “I do take a lot of showers, so maybe that helps. In the morning and then at night. And after I work out, I’ll take a shower. So maybe three a day.”

Terry Crews, 53, is not a part of the anti-shower or anti-deodorant side of the celebrity bathing debate. Instead, he stands in  solidarity with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson when it comes to showering multiple times a day.

Crews said, “I love to shower. I love to, because I spend so much time sweating. First of all, if you ain’t been sweating, you don’t need to shower. But I spend all day sweating, all the time, running and working out, and it ain’t nice. My wife is like, ‘Babe, babe, babe.’ I’m Mr. Old Spice, you know what I mean? So I’ve got to get clean.”

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