Sammy Hagar said in a new interview that there are still some unreleased songs from his time with Van Halen.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Hagar said, “There’s maybe a few more there. There were two songs that we actually finished, 90% finished, that we never got mixed, and they never made a record. One was from ‘Balance,’ and the other one was from ‘OU812.'”

This answer came when Hagar was asked about “I Want Some Action,” an unreleased demo recorded during the sessions for 5150 that the Red Rocker and Michael Anthony shared via their Van Hagar/Other Half social media channels back in June.

Of the track, Anthony said, “Ed was always coming up with song ideas, whether it was just a guitar riff, or a whole piece of music. The three of us would jam on every idea, whether it turned into a song or turned out to be nothing more than just jamming together. If Sammy wasn’t in town, Ed would always send him a copy of what was being played to check out, or if he was at his place in Malibu he would join in and the four of us would just play and see what would happen. Sometimes one idea would jam into a completely different idea, with Sam scatting vocals on top. We have loads of tape with ideas like this sitting in boxes at 5150 studios!! ‘I Want Some Action’ is one of those jams that never made it to an album but has a very cool guitar riff and listening to it now we should’ve taken this one all the way!!!”

Hagar would add, “This is the way we wrote everything – basically a jam with me scatting lyrics made up on the fly. Then I would hone down a melody and write real lyrics to it. ‘Summer Nights,’ ‘Best of Both Worlds,’ ‘Top of the World,’ ‘Good Enough’ – that’s how all of those songs were written. This one has a badass guitar riff for sure! Hearing this makes me want to finish my part on this song (melody and lyrics) and put it into the live show – what do you think?”

Mike: Ed was always coming up with song ideas, whether it was just a guitar riff, or a whole piece of music. The three...

Posted by Van Hagar / Other Half on Tuesday, June 22, 2021

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