Janet Jackson’s Lifetime documentary titled Janet will begin to air on January 28th in a special two night event where the superstar and her peers discuss pivotal moments in Jackson’s career and personal life including the legal battles related to her brother, Michael Jackson, and how they impacted her career.

When asked why she decided to do a documentary after leading a private life for the past couple of years, the icon simply stated, “It’s just something that needs to be done.”

To help tell her story, five-time Grammy winner has included personal anecdotes from Mariah Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Samuel L. Jackson, and more.

When asked if she believed that Michael’s allegations affected her career, she stated, “Yeah, guilty by association. I guess that’s what they call it, right?” Jackson later added, “They build you up and once you get broken, they’re so quick to tear you down.”

Fans will get a close look into all the aspects of Jackson’s life including her childhood in Gary, Indiana, her successful career, her complicated love life, and her transition into motherhood.

Watch the trailer below: