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Young couple watching a horror movie at home. Scared people

Alright, we’re just gonna be honest up front and say this is disgusting. It’s so gross, in fact, that John DeBella after viewing this had to hide his eyes to send the story over to be published! But we humans have always had a morbid curiosity, so we’re posting this. Consider it a digital gaper delay.

A couple in Ireland purchased a used couch because their dog ruined their old one, and they figured it might happen again. But they didn’t find out what came with the couch until they lost their remote for the first time.

The boyfriend reached into the cushions and felt something weird, then pulled up a handful of FINGERNAILS. Much to the couple’s horror, the entire couch was filled with THOUSANDS of nail clippings! Perhaps even more disturbing, the couple decided to keep the sickening sofa, which is beyond belief once you see the situation. Look here if you dare.