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Chances are, if you’re a regular driver in states that actually experience a winter, you’ve seen this terrifying event play out. A video was posted online from a driver heading up what appears to be I-90, when suddenly a minivan passes and loses a massive sheet of ice from its roof!

Miraculously, no one was hurt, and this turned out to be the perfect PSA to get people to stop being lazy and CLEAN OFF YOUR DANG ROOF!


Ice Sheet breaks Windshield on US Freeway (video) - ItemFix

Views: 36290 Score: 41 Used: 0 Bookmark: 2 Shares: 9 Downloads: 118 By: brrrtmn (34933.10) "Two days after an ice storm, which had deposited about 3 inches of ice and sleet in our area, we were traveling home on the highway. A minivan passed us.