Rob Halford revealed in October 2021 that he quietly battled prostate cancer in 2020 during the pandemic. Now the Metal God is sharing that he wished he listened to his doctors sooner.

Speaking to Full Metal Jackie, Halford said, “I should have listened to my doctors because my doctors were saying my PSA (prostate-specific antigens) levels were a bit high. [I said,] ‘I’ve got to do a tour. I’ll do it when I come back.’ So, I missed a couple of opportunities. If I had the treatment earlier, the treatment wouldn’t have been as difficult as it was, but we got through it.”

Halford added, “I had a wonderful team of medical people that looked after me in Phoenix [Arizona] and it happened while we were in the full-on pandemic. I was in the valley having the prostate removed and then two weeks of the catheter and a couple of months of radiation. But, I came through it, through these beautiful, incredibly talented people. I’m in remission, but I will throw this out — guys, get your blood tests done, get the checks done. We just went through colorectal cancer month [in March], so please look after yourselves.”

As previously reported, “The Metal God underwent successful prostatectomy surgery on July 5,  2020, and then in early 2021, he received radiation treatment when more cancer was found on his prostate bed. Following the removal of his appendix, which had a tumor on it, Halford was declared cancer-free in June 2021.


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