Guns N’ Roses received the cover treatment by the Detroit Youth Choir, and the cover is simply stunning.

The choir’s cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” can be heard in the video below. The GN’R cover is dedicated to the many victims of gun violence.

The description of the cover on YouTube reads, in part, “Finding solutions to make our schools and our communities safer from gun violence can’t just be down to the families impacted by these tragedies, it is down to all of us…This rendition was inspired by 11-Year-Old Uvalde Victim, Layla Salazar who was one of the nineteen children and two teachers tragically killed at Robb Elementary in Ulvade, Texas. Each morning as her Dad Vinnie Salazar drove Layla to school in his truck, they would sing-along together to “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” by Guns N’ Roses.”

Detroit Youth Choir Artistic Director Anthony T. White said in a statement, “This song asks a simple question: ‘Where do we go now?’ While progress has been made, this is no time for complacency, as the lyrics of the rap in the song say: ‘It can’t take 10 years to ask what’s next.’ This version of ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ is a poignant call to action from today’s youth to all grown-ups to stay at the table, show respect to one another and continue to work together to find solutions to make our schools and communities safer from gun violence.”

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