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Next to apple pie, does it get more American than baseball, hot dogs and beer? It’s a tough trifecta to top, but probably not one you’d combine.

Unless you’re this guy at a Yankees game last night.

The “Subway Series” is in full swing in New York, and a fan was spotted in full swig by the Instagram account “newyorknico” at last night’s game. He can be seen in the video hollowing out his hot dog with a straw, sucking it out, then calmly dropping his makeshift meat straw into a cup of beer.

The video has been viewed millions of times and seems to have split the internet. Is he saving the turtles? An innovative environmentalist? Or simply a disgusting weirdo? Aside from even the oddity of guzzling with a glizzy, who drinks beer with a straw?!

So many questions. Draw your own conclusions below.