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Once again, our MGK Burger Brawl is approaching. It’s happening at Xfinity Live on October 23, which is a bye week for the Eagles, too, so parking and bulging crowds will not be an issue. As I have in previous years, I wondered if vegans and vegetarians like me would be represented amongst the over 60 different burger samples offered up.

Are we ever!

While several of the contestants in this years Brawl have dropped off burger samples here at MGK, they were all lost on me, as a 32-year vegetarian. That is, until today, when I was treated to an absolutely delicious vegan burger, created by a wonderful team of women at a place called Supreme Oasis in Philadelphia!

Supreme Oasis is a black-owned business that has been in the food service industry for over 30 years. As they say on their website, “Looking at us, one can notice right away that we are Muslim women. We want to break the stigma of Muslim women being 2nd class and oppressed. We are businesswomen who respect ourselves & our community.” They’re certainly serving the community well – their Instagram page has over 11,000 followers, and the photos of the items they make and bake look so yummy!

Supreme Oasis veggie burger

The Vegan Savory Stuffed Turkey Burger, from Supreme Oasis of Philadelphia.

Speaking of yummy, look how luscious this burger looks! This is their Vegan Savory Stuffed Turkey Burger. It’s a Vegan turkey burger packed with stuffing and smothered in gravy, topped with spinach, maple-smoked butternut squash “bacon”, and a fresh Cranberry-brie “cheese” sauce on a buttered brioche bun. OH. MY. GOODNESS it was amazing! So much so that I housed two of these bad boys in one sitting!

Thank you, Supreme Oasis, for the delightful meal!! Wishing continued success to you, and good luck at this year’s Burger Brawl! I look forward to visiting your place soon!

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Andre Gardner is a 45 year radio broadcast professional who continues to live the dream.