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Didn’t your mother teach you better than that? That’s something you might hear in certain U.S. cities, which have been ranked to have the most swearing in the U.S. Now, the bad news for mom is that one Pennsylvania city has been named the No. 4 most swearing town in America.

The staff at Preply.com has put together a list of the cities that swear the most. They surveyed more 1,500 residents of 30 major U.S. cities to find which cities swear most frequently. For the study, they asked them how often they swear, the situations they swear in most commonly and the age they said their first swear word.

“Most cultures consider the use of profanity inappropriate, yet people commonly employ profanity as a way to use expressive language,” Preply.com states. “Also known as swearing, cursing, or cussing, using profane words can be intense, humorous, angry, or joyful, depending on the context. The specific terms and phrases considered profane vary worldwide, and you can also find local differences within countries regarding accepted uses of profanity can also be found. However, just about every culture is united by the powerful force of profanity.”

The study concluded that the average person swears 21 times per day. The age that most Americans start to swear is 11. Also, the U.S. city that swears the most frequently is Columbus, Ohio, with 36 times per day. The cities with the least amount of swearing were Phoenix, Arizona, and Portland, Oregon. Moreover, more than half of Americans use swear word substitutions, according to the study, such as “fudge” and “frick.”

So, which Pennsylvania city uses the most cuss words? Philadelphia came in at No. 4 in America on the list, also tied with Dallas, Texas, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the honor. The average number of swears per day in Philadelphia is a whopping 25. Find the full study from Preply.com here.

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