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A new list of the top 50 best places to live in the U.S. is out, and one Pennsylvania city is on the list. I’m not surprised, since Pennsylvania has some great places to live. But, what’s extra cool is that this city is inside the top 10 on the tally. is the publication that put together this list. “In our annual ranking of the top places to live, we look at the things that matter most to people: economic opportunities, quality of life, diversity, and where the best futures lie,” they state. “Explore below the many different locations — and see if your town made it!”

Before we get to the Pennsylvania city highest on the list, let’s look at No. 1. That honor goes to Atlanta, Georgia. “In years past, it helped catalyze the Civil Rights Movement, and was a nucleus of some of the most popular hip hop, R&B and country music we still listen to today,” the publication states. “These days, our No. 1 place to live is nothing short of a cultural behemoth. From the people who live and work in Atlanta to the parks, restaurants, bars and schools they inhabit, diversity pulses through this city.”

As for the Keystone State, Abington makes the list at No. 24. “Located just 12 miles from downtown Philadelphia, Abington is a first-ring suburb that provides affordable housing, a highly-regarded school system and easy access to the culture and entertainment of Philly,” the story states. “One popular spot for Abingtonians is the Briar Bush Nature Center, where you can trek across 12 acres of walkable trails. Bird lovers will get a kick out of the Griscom Bird Observatory, too.” They add that, “There are over 5,000 businesses that call Abington Township home, and most of those are retail shops and small businesses.” Find the full list of the 50 best places to live in the U.S. here.

Things We Adore About Pennsylvania in the Fall:

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