Ozzy Osbourne is helping Omaze give away a custom Dodge Demon, but he’s upset his “pet demon” in the process.

In the clip below, we see Ozzy and his demon interact in a soap opera-inspired scene. A voiceover says, “When ‘The Prince of Darkness’ Ozzy Osbourne teamed up with Omaze to help spread the word about your chance to win a custom Dodge Demon, he soon learned that the tagline ‘Win a Demon’ wouldn’t be a hit with everyone.”

Suddenly, the demon sees all of the signs and paperwork on how to “Win a Demon.” The demon says, “Ozzy, how could you?” Ozzy replies, “It’s not what you think!” The demon fires back, “And what exactly am I supposed to think?” Ozzy responds, “Omaze is giving away a g–damn car, not you!” However, the demon isn’t buying it saying, “You know what? You really are something!”

The voiceover returns saying, “But lucky for you, the Dodge Demon is a car, and for your chance to win it, along with a signed copy of Ozzy’s new album ‘Patient Number 9,’ go to Omaze.com/Ozzy, and enter now. Best of all, every donation will support one of Ozzy’s favorite non-profits, Save the Music Foundation, and their work to invest in the next generation of music legends.”

The video comes to a close with the demon saying to Ozzy, “Oh, and you know the whole biting the head off of a bat thing? You know I was doing that 5,000 years ago, so thanks for the credit on that.”

Complete details on the giveaway and the Dodge Demon can be found at Omaze.com.Ozzy.

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