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A Philadelphia Tribute to the The Last Waltz will be held in Philadelphia on Saturday, November 26, 2022 at the Franklin Music Hall at 421 N 7th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123.

This show is becoming a Philly music community Thanksgiving tradition. Some of Philly’s finest rock ‘n’ roll musicians get together to pay tribute to The Band’s legendary 1976 concert and film of the same name. Now in its third iteration — after sellout shows at The Trocadero and Underground Arts — the show will take place this year at Franklin Music Hall on the Saturday night after Thanksgiving.

An all-Philly band has been assembled and includes guests Adam Weiner of Low Cut Connie, Don McCloskey, and Andrew Lipke, along with many others. See the full list below.

The concert is a benefit for the Make The World Better Foundation. Connor Barwin, co-founded MTWB, a 501(c)3 public charity in 2014 during his first season playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. He said, “This concert will bring important seed money to our projects, and it’s critical to our mission, but it’s also a celebration of what’s great in Philadelphia, uniting the Philly music, sports and arts communities for a chance to do something good.”

Producers of this year’s event include three veterans of Philly-based Last Waltz tributes: Fergus Carey (owner of Fergie’s, The Goat, and Grace Tavern), Andrew Lipke (singer, songwriter, music producer), and Joey Sweeney (musician, writer, creative director). Joining them for the 2022 version is Kristin Thomson, wife of Franklin Music Hall’s primary talent buyer for many years, Bryan Dilworth, who passed away suddenly in March 2020.

“This show is also paying homage to my late husband, Bryan,” said Kristin Thomson. “Not only was he the primary promoter at Franklin Music Hall and The Mann for many years, he was also a huge booster of Philadelphia’s music scene, and the driving force behind the first Last Waltz Philly in 2013. We are organizing this concert to honor his memory, and his years of hard work as a concert promoter in Philly.”

“Bryan was always the person who we turned to to pull off events like this,” said Fergie Carey. “The first Last Waltz Philly in 2013 at the Troc was something special. Bryan was always hesitant to do it again since the first one was so special, but we’re breaking the rules and doing it anyway.”

Proceeds from the ticket sales will go directly to Make The World Better Foundation. MTWB connects people and inspires stewardship through public space revitalization projects.

Tickets are $29.50 in advance at the Franklin Music Hall website. A limited number of $100 Meet and Greet tickets include early access to Franklin Music Hall, catered items from some of Philly’s best restaurants, an open bar, and a chance to hang with some of the night’s musicians.

So far, this year’s lineup for the Philadelphia Tribute to the Last Waltz includes…

The Band:

    • Freddie Berman
    • Adam Flicker
    • Nate Graham
    • Andrew Lipke
    • Andrew Napoli
    • Matty Muir

The Horns:

    • Hailey Brinnel
    • Matt Cappy
    • Jay Davidson
    • Sean McCusker

The Special Guests:

    • David Uosikkinen
    • Ali Wadsworth
    • Adam Weiner from Low Cut Connie
    • Maxx Williams
    • Bob Beach
    • Brooke Behmke
    • Ross Bellenoit
    • Kevin Bentley
    • Nate Bergman
    • Fergie Carey
    • Jean Cook
    • Cowmuddy
    • Tanqueray Hayward
    • Chris Kasper
    • Don McCloskey
    • Zach Miller
    • Chelsea Mitchell
    • Kevin Monko
    • Casey Parker
    • Dan Reed
    • Elizabeth Scanlon
    • Slo Mo and Jon Train
    • Marc Sonstein
    • Joey Sweeney…with more special guests to be announced

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