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The world’s favorite heavy metal band is back and I know some of my friends over at our sister station, WMMR, are happy to hear this news.

Metallica is back and in a big way.

The long-standing band announced a new album that will have a world tour to follow and even released the first single from the album as well.

The album is titled, “72 Seasons,” and is set to release on April 14th, 2023, and will be available for purchase on CD, a two-LP vinyl, digitally, and, of course, streaming.

The concept behind the album sounds interesting as well!

James Hetfield, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the band, said the idea for the title and concept come from a person’s first 18 years of life, which evens out to be 72 seasons between winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Hetfield described the idea that in those formative years, we really turn into the person we are, whether that is true to ourselves or not.

He says, a lot of the time kids are taught who they should be by their parents instead of naturally becoming the person they want to be, and depending on who the parents are, that can really pigeonhole some people for the rest of their lives.

The Metallica frontman goes on to mention how those 72 seasons can really cement core beliefs that ultimately change a person’s worldview for their entire existence.

That sounds like a heavy topic to base an album on, so I am pumped to hear it in its entirety in April!

But for now, the band’s new single called, “Lux Æterna,” will have to do!

The song was released two days ago and features an awesome music video too!

Check it out below.


With new music, comes a new tour.

Metallica will hit the road in the late spring and summer of 2023 for the M72 World Tour!

The tour kicks off on April 27th in Amsterdam and hits numerous stops before the end of the tour in Mexico City on September 29th.

Each city on the tour will get two shows on two different nights and here’s the best part – each night will have a completely different setlist than the previous!

If you are a Metallica fan, it sounds like you have some concerts to start saving for because this sounds amazing.

The closest stop to Philadelphia this time around will be on August 4th and August 6th in East Rutherford, NJ.

I wish they were making a stop at Citizens Bank Park or The Linc, but as many Eagles fans will tell you, East Rutherford isn’t too far as many of them make the trip up there to take over that stadium on a yearly basis when the Birds take on the Giants.

So if you really want to go, it is definitely manageable.

I’ll never forget back in 2003 during the Summer Sanitarium Tour at the Vet when I had the chance to hang out with Metallica backstage!

Check out the picture of me and the band’s drummer, Lars Ulrich, from that day nearly 20 years ago above!

If you want to attend, two-day tickets go on sale this Friday and single-night tickets will hit the market on January 20th.

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