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Last Friday, December 2nd, the notorious Axl Rose of the band Guns N’ Roses took to his Twitter to announce that he will no longer be continuing the tradition of tossing his microphone into the crowd after each performance.

This news comes in one of the wildest stories I have seen in the music world in a while!

Apparently, at the Guns N’ Roses show on November 29th in Adelaide, Australia at the Adelaide Oval, a fan in attendance by the name of Rebecca Howe was the concertgoer who was fortunate enough to catch the microphone at the end of the show.

Only one problem…

She caught it with her face.

Allegedly, it turns out a microphone can do some serious damage to someone’s face if thrown into the crowd.

Billboard reports Howe suffered “two blackened eyes and a busted nose.”

Is it just me, or does that kind of sound like the lyrics to Frosty The Snowman gone wrong?

All jokes aside, it looks like the microphone supposedly caused a ton of damage.

Either way, since it happened in Australia, I am sure we can just find a way to blame this on Ben Simmons, right?

Then again, if his microphone tossing is anything like his free throw shooting, I am pretty sure he would probably just end up missing everyone in the crowd, anyway!

I remember when I had the chance to see Guns N’ Roses play.

Check out the photo above of me and my good friend Jacky Bam Bam from our sister station, WMMR, with Duff McKagan of the band at the MMRBQ a few years ago!

Luckily for us all in attendance that day, no one was hit with a flying microphone!


For those interested in Axl Roses’ post, check that out below!


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