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Pretty much everyone in America is or has been on a prescription medication at some point in their lives. So, which prescription mediations are the most prescribed in Pennsylvania? It’s an interesting list.

SingleCare has put out a study naming the most popular prescription drugs in America. “In 2022, SingleCare provided discounts on the prescriptions that people need across the United States for a variety of chronic and acute conditions, from anxiety and asthma to ADHD and erectile dysfunction,” they state.

What’s crazy is that more than 20 states have the same No. 1 Rx. It’s not what you might expect, either. It’s vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. I’m shocked, because to me, vitamin D isn’t really a medicine. According to SingleCare, “About 42% of Americans are deficient in the essential vitamin. Responsible for keeping our bones strong and our immune systems robust, vitamin D mostly comes through our diet and sunlight. It’s so important to our health, providers often prescribe the supplement when levels are low.” It sounds like a very important vitamin to consume.

So, which mediation is No. 1 in Pennsylvania? Just like those 20 states, it’s vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for bone health, cognitive health and even possibly cancer prevention. Dr. Gray told SingleCare, “Vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin because it is produced when skin is exposed to sunlight. The increase in vitamin D deficiency has been associated with the rise in use of technology, where people do not spend enough time outdoors.” Other popular medications around America are Albuterol HFA (ProAir HFA), Alprazolam (Xanax), Ibuprofen (Advil), Levothyroxine (Synthroid), Lisinopril (Prinivil) Find the full list of the most popular medications in America here.

Pennsylvania's Top 10 Most Burglarized Cities

  • 10. Philadelphia

    Here we are, Philadelphia, at No. 10 on the list. Philly is the 5th largest city in the country, according to GVLock.com, and is “also one of the most dangerous, though Philadelphia crime statistics generally show improvement over the past two decades.”

    City of Philadelphia

    Official website of the City of Philadelphia, includes information on municipal services, permits, licenses, and records for citizens and businesses.

  • 9. Selinsgrove

    According to GVLock.com, the small town of Selinsgrove has experienced some notable break ins. They state, “Violent crime is significantly less common here in comparison to other towns in the state. For theft and property crime, however, this community ranks just below York.”

    Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania

    Like many communities in the Susquehanna River Valley, Selinsgrove suffered from major fires in 1872 and 1874. The razed wooden structures were replaced, in many instances, by larger multi-purpose, brick buildings. Today, many of those buildings are still in use and house some of the town's most significant and important businesses, shops, and restaurants.

  • 8. York

    According to GVLock.com, the rate of robbery in York is “higher than that of Ambridge, and some reports show a higher instance of theft here over Chester.” They do say that compared to other Pennsylvania towns, the risk of burglary is not as high. Still, it falls at No. 8 on this list.

    Home - City of York, Pennsylvania

    LAUNCHING JUNE 1, 2022 The Complete Communities Initiative (CCI) is a holistic approach to community and economic development designed to transform neighborhoods, promote healthy living, and generate wealth through community outreach and engagement, strategic planning, and neighborhood revitalization.

  • 7. Ambridge

    GVLock.com nots that in 2019, Ambridge was ranked as the second-most dangerous city in the state, but got better in 2020 and 2021. “This city has the highest rates in Pennsylvania for property crime and theft, but burglary and other infractions are decreasing,” they state.

    Home - Borough of Ambridge

    Settled in 1824 along the banks of the Ohio River as the third and final home of the Harmony Society, the Borough of Ambridge was incorporated in 1905, named after the American Bridge Company.

  • 6. Harrisburg

    GVLock.com says that “Harrisburg’s crime rate is 713 for every 1,000 residents.” They say the city has experienced a variety of crimes the past few years.

    Visit Hershey & Harrisburg - Things to Do in Pennsylvania - Visit Pennsylvania

    Looking for things to do in Pennsylvania? The Hershey Harrisburg area is a destination for family fun, grown-up getaways, and outdoor adventure. Discover exciting things to do with the kids, drink local at our craft breweries and vineyards, and explore miles of scenic trails and green spaces!

  • 5. Reading

    GVLock.com says that the good news is that all kinds of crime has been going down in Reading over the past 18 years. That’s definitely good to hear, even though it is still on this list.

    City Of Reading, PA

    City of Reading

  • 4. New Castle

    New Castle has the fourth highest rate of robbery, plus a high instance of property crime and theft, according to GVLock.com. “New Castle has struggled to keep non-violent crime down,” they state.

    The City of New Castle, Pennsylvania

    "I'm proud to welcome you to historic New Castle, Pennsylvania. Located in Lawrence County between Pittsburgh, Cleveland & Erie, we are a close visit from just about anywhere. I look forward to your next visit!" - Mayor, Chris Frye

  • 3. Duquesne

    According to GVLock.com, Duquesne is a small city in Allegheny County, but it has a high occurrence of burglary. That’s why it’s so high up on this tally.

    Living in Duquesne

    Duquesne is a suburb of Pittsburgh with a population of 5,534. Duquesne is in Allegheny County. Living in Duquesne offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents rent their homes. Residents of Duquesne tend to be liberal. Niche ranks thousands of places to live based on key statistics from the U.S.

  • 2. McKees Rocks

    McKees Rocks “ranks among the highest in Pennsylvania for violent crime and murder, and McKees Rocks also has the state’s biggest problem with property crimes,” according to GVLock.com.

    Welcome to McKees Rocks | Borough of McKees Rocks

    Are you new to the area? Get started here

  • 1. Chester

    GVLock.com says that Chester is known as “Pennsylvania’s most dangerous city,” and it’s also one of the U.S.’s top 20 most dangerous cities. That’s why it’s No. 1 on this list.

    City of Chester | Official Municipal Government Site

    Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland will be presenting the State of the City Address to the Community January 19, 2023 (Thursday) 5:00 PM ACCESS Community Center 7th and Booth St Chester, PA 19013

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    This list is via GVLock.com.

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