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John DeBella retired from radio on June 30th, 2023. Explore this archive of the most memorable moments of the John DeBella Show on WMGK.

One of the best 70’s era children’s educational programs turned 50 years old last Friday. It takes a certain type of show to stick with kids, and its even more special if a show can hit with multiple decades of kids. There is something special that shows like Schoolhouse Rock!, Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood did for kids when they sat down and watched it. Not only did they teach you, but you were transported to that world. I can still remember certain things from all of those shows and they had already been on for 25+ years before I was even introduced to them. I can’t hear the word conjunction with out finishing the line, “Conjunction Junction, what’s your function?!” I’ve known all about how a bill becomes a law for most of my life thanks to Schoolhouse Rock! The Grammar Rock is probably what stuck the most with me from that show.

As a parent I try to get my kids to mix in as much educational stuff as possible and luckily there are still genius’ out there making great programming for kids. Growing up I used to love The Magic School Bus, well Netflix rebooted it, spruced up the animation, made it more timely for today’s kids and the show is great! Sesame Street is still fantastic and the music is super catchy. There are probably a minimum 5 songs I hear my wife humming or outright singing around the house. They’re earworms, but good earworms. I think the best show on TV right now that will entertain your kids, and learn ’em up real good is Ask the Storybots on Netflix. It’s goofy, it’s funny, they have major stars that guest on the show in different roles that help explain how things work. I found myself watching each episode with my kids and I’m pretty sure my wife and I learn new things we never knew.

Here’s to all the creative geniuses out there keeping our kids (and us parents) educated and entertained!

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