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The first official Rolling Stones gig took place on July 12, 1962 at the Marquee Jazz Club in London. According to UDiscoverMusic, the whole gig happened as a favor to Alexis Korner, whose band, Blues Incorporated, played the venue every Thursday night, but the band had to back out one fateful night when they had the opportunity to perform on BBC Radio's Jazz Club. To appease the annoyed club owner, Korner recruited some of his friends to fill in for Blues Incorporated. At the time, they called themselves "The Rollin' Stones," and the lineup for that first gig included Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, guitarist Elmo Lewis, bassist Dick Taylor and pianist Ian Stewart. Future Kinks drummer Mick Avory was scheduled to join them, but he ended up not making the gig, and it's still unknown whether this new band even had a drummer during their first performance. Once again, everyone -- even The Rolling Stones -- had to start somewhere.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be immortalized with a statue in your hometown, or a place you eventually made your home when you were older?

Right here in Philadelphia, we have plenty of people whose essence will live forever through their statues that are up in various places around the city.

Nick Foles and Doug Pederson are enshrined outside of The Linc with their epic “Philly, Philly” moment from the Super Bowl.

What about William Penn on top of City Hall?

The most known statue in Philly is probably a fictional character, though.

The Rocky Balboa Statue at the Art Museum.

Every time I am around that area, there is a big line waiting to get pictures!

It’s awesome!

Just picture one of your coolest moments forever standing in statue form!

I would be stoked!

Well, members of one iconic classic rock band will not have to imagine that feeling anymore.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richard of The Rolling Stones are being honored in their hometown of Dartford, England with statues!

It was in their hometown that the duo rekindled their friendship in 1961 after being classmates a decade prior in 1950.

When they ran into each other that year at the train station in Dartford, the pair discussed their love for the blues and at that moment, The Rolling Stones were born.

The statues will be displayed at One Bell Corner on Dartford High Street, not too far from where they met at the train station.

I am sure they are thrilled.

Mick and Keith join a small group of rock ‘n’ roll legends that are also immortalized with statues!

The Beatles have one in Liverpool.

John Lennon also has his own in Havana, Cuba.

Elvis Presley actually has two; One in Memphis and one in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Bob Marley has one in Kingston, Jamaica.

Freddie Mercury has his in Montreux, Switzerland.

AC/DC’s Bon Scott has a statue in Perth, Australia.

Jimi Hendrix has his in Seattle.

Glenn Frey in Winslow, Arizona.

And as a matter of fact, I have actually seen two in person for myself!

I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan’s statue in Austin, Texas, and I saw Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott’s statue in Dublin!

Both were really cool and things I had on my “to-do list” while visiting those cities!

Hopefully, one day I can get around to seeing the rest, including the latest statues of Mick and Keith!

Anyway, congratulations to the iconic rock ‘n’ rollers!

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