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I am finally back in the city of Philadelphia from my cross-country trip to Los Angeles, California!

And luckily for all my loyal local WMGK listeners, I brought back some of the nice California weather!

Well, sort of…

At least it is above 50 degrees now compared to when I left when it was below freezing.

For the last five days, I have been in L.A., well Burbank if we are being technical, recording for the NBA 2K video game series.


This will be my third year in a row as an announcer for the game, and each year it only gets better and better.

It is so cool being in a video game!

All of my contributions to this new game were recorded at Mission Control Productions in Mission Hills, California.

It really was a state-of-the-art studio and it was great to record my vocal takes there.

Although, it seemed like it was missing just one tiny, little thing, so I had to add a little touch to the place by placing my Philadelphia 76ers hats around the studio as you can see in the main photo!

I even left one for them!


The two people who I worked with were Bill and Arlene Kole, who are both just the coolest husband and wife team you will ever meet!

They both do a wonderful job and are super easy to work with while recording.

Not to mention, they are some of the nicest people, which makes sense since they are originally from Edmonton, Canada!

Canadians are known for their kindness and the Koles did not disappoint!


I love Canadians!

Well, besides the Toronto Raptors Fans who taunted Joel Embiid when he got hurt last postseason – those fans get no love and definitely are not kind!

Also, you know I had to represent the Eagles while I was out there since they are in the Super Bowl!


Anyway, I can’t wait to see how the final product turns out!

Thanks again to Bill, Arlene, and Mission Control Productions!

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