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Well today just absolutely sucks. As I write this, we are only 8 hours removed from a penalty call deciding Super Bowl 57. Yea, there were many things that the Eagles could’ve done in the 2 quarters leading up to that terrible call. Things like making a single stop on defense in the 2nd half. When they actually did make a defensive stop, at a time it REALLY mattered, the refs were so shocked they threw a penalty flag. I’m very open to criticizing the Eagles, but my god you HAVE to keep the flag in your pocket unless its an absolutely egregious foul (which Bradberry’s very much was not). I’m an Eagles fan, but the amount of national media and non-eagles fans complaining about that call clearly makes this not sour grapes. Just trash officiating.

Other than the call the Eagles could’ve made life easier on themselves in the 2nd half. The Chiefs offense had 4 possessions in the 2nd half and went TD, TD, TD, FG. What in the world was the defense doing? 0 sacks from a defense that led the league in sacks by a large margin. Very disappointing effort from that side of the ball.

The only thing that doesn’t suck today is that Jalen Hurts is that dude. He was the best player on the field last night, minus 1 fumble that led to a Kansas City. A costly turnover in the wrong game, something that Jalen doesn’t do. I wholly believe that he would’ve led the Eagles down the field, with what should have been 1 minute and 50 seconds left in the game (if the refs didn’t gift the chiefs the Super Bowl), to either tie the game on a field goal or win the game with a TD. Pay that man. We’re in for some good football for a decent stretch here in Philly.