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Conspiracies abound! Now sports are scripted! The newest example is officials handing the Chiefs a Super Bowl. Before the Super Bowl, people were betting a specific score, because someone updated the Super Bowl 57 Wikipedia page to have a final score before the game was even played. Ridiculous right? Yea of course it is. Anyone of us can edit a Wikipedia page. Then the refs gave the Chiefs the Super Bowl and the script believers began screaming! Since we live in the dumbest timeline and the script writers are struggling to write the next season I thought I’d help them a bit. The perfect sequel to the 2022/23 Philadelphia Championship losses is to have them all go back and win them this time around. I didn’t realize this until I was writing this, but it would be real life Rocky 1 and Rocky 2. The bet payout on a Phillies World Series win, Union MLS Cup win and Eagles Super Bowl win is ENORMOUS. Well worth a  $10 (or more) futures bet. Odds of +125,900 is a hefty payout if you’ve got that Mattress Mack money to spend on championship bets. Now that would be one hell of a sequel to the 2022/23 sports script.