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This past Friday, Pattyann and I made a visit to the Philly Home and Garden Show, which was taking place this past weekend from February 24th through February 26th.

The Home and Garden Show was happening at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, which is, of course, in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

It was a really cool event, and there were a ton of cool things to see, so if you can make it there some year in the future I would suggest checking it out!

In fact, one of the cool things to check out this year, which was the primary reason I was there, was a shed I helped design with my coworker from down the hall, Andie Summers on XTU!

Together, we teamed up to make a ‘90s themed shed, which we named That 90’s Shed, which was a play on That 70’s Show!

Funnily enough, we actually competed against a couple people from down the hall, Casey Boy from WMMR and Kristen Hermann from BEN-FM!

Throughout the shed, we decorated it with all of our favorite posters from the 90’s and cool musical things from that decade as well!

Some of the posters we hung on the walls included posters of Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Pearl Jam and Oasis.

Those are some all-time bands right there.

It is kind of crazy to think that music from the 90’s is now starting to be considered classic rock!

We also had a stereo system, which was surrounded by different CDs from that era as well!

I wonder if CDs will eventually come back in style like vinyl records are right now?

One of my favorite parts of the shed was the Marvel vs. DC arcade game we had in one of the corners!

Such a classic!

Overall, I was really proud of the shed Andie and I put together!

It was a really fun experience, and I hope everyone who saw it in person enjoyed it!

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