After a decade of upset for Philadelphia Flyers fans, they are fed up, and they’re doing something about it. A group called “Pissed Off Flyers Fans” is organizing a “Sell the Team” Protest at The Center.

The Flyers have had a less-than-great season. Yesterday (3/7), they lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-5. Outside of not having success on the ice, they also struggled to keep promises during the recent trade deadline. The morale of fans is at an all-time-low, with Rangers fans essentially taking over the Wells Fargo Center when we played them a week ago.

The sentiment has become, largely, that the ownership of the team is a major problem. After all, something is standing in the way of success for the Flyers. It’s tough to see fans lose hope.

The team has 18 more games left in the regular season. It’s clear they will not be going to the playoffs.  So, what is the plan for the off-season? Will we see a re-building period a la The Sixers’ “The Process?” The answer isn’t really known at this point.

One thing that is known, though, is that fans want to step in an help fix this thing. This “Sell the Team” protest will take place this Saturday, March 11th at the Wells Fargo Center. Organizers are encouraging participants to bring signs, wear Flyers gear, and show their passion. It’s a place where Flyers fans can express their disappointment in how this season went. Organizers are also asking that if you feel passionately about this, post about it on social media if you can’t make the event.

The season isn’t over. You can still watch Flyers games and support the team we all love. In the off-season, we may see a turn toward a younger roster and a rebuild. But for now, if you can stomach it, lets finish out this season!

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