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Matt Cord's Thoughts on March Madness

One of the best sporting events in the whole sports world is back, and it may very well be the craziest event in sports.

You can feel the madness in the air!

That’s right!

March Madness is back starting today, and by the time this post is up, the action will have already been underway!

The NCAA Tournament tipped off a little after 12 noon today, and I am sure there will be some all-time memorable moments to come in the next weekend, days, hours, minutes, and possibly seconds because you never know when a buzzer beater is coming!

Right, Kris Jenkins?

Unfortunately, none of the local teams are in the tournament this year for the first time since 1977!

St. Joes, La Salle, Penn, Temple, Drexel, and even the perennial powerhouse, Villanova missed the tournament for the first time since 2012 this year.

It is such a bummer!

I guess if you are from the area and are looking for a team to root for you could pull for Penn State who made the field as a 10-seed.

And, of course, with March Madness comes the bracket pools amongst friends, family, and even coworkers!

So, you know I wouldn’t miss a chance to fill out a bracket this year!

I’ll have my complete bracket for you guys to look at below, but I’ll break down some key picks I have this year.

My sleeper team this year is Drake, which has an average age that is older than a few NBA teams!

That’s insane to think about!

I have them advancing to the second weekend before bowing out in the Sweet Sixteen to Houston.

Then, in my Final Four, I have Alabama, Purdue, Houston, and UCLA.

Finally, I have Purdue versus UCLA in the championship game, with Purdue eventually cutting down the nets!

I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’ll have the first perfect bracket in history!

Let me know what you all think!

Enjoy the madness!

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