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Eagles Ranked On List Of NFL Teams With Most Expensive Beer Prices

ESPN Southwest Florida recently reported on “The Price Of Beer In Every NFL Stadium For The 2023 Season” compiled by bookies.com. Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles know that beer prices at Lincoln Financial Field aren’t exactly cheap, but where does Philadelphia land on the list? Eagles Beer Prices vs. Other NFL Teams The first six teams on the list charge between $13.75 and $11.50 for a beer. Los Angeles Rams- SoFi Stadium Los Angeles Chargers- SoFi Stadium Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Raymond James Stadium San Francisco 49ers- Levi's Stadium Jacksonville Jaguars- Everbank Stadium New Orleans Saints- Caesars Stadium The Eagles come in with the seventh-highest beer price at $11. The three California teams all rank high on the list. It shouldn't be a surprise considering the cost of living in the Golden State. Two of the three Florida teams are also in the top five. What’s the biggest surprise on the list, however? The Lions, Dolphins, Giants, and Jets only charge $5. The four-way tie for the cheapest beer also happens to include a Florida team. Maybe a trip to the Meadowlands is a good idea for Eagles fans looking for some value beer. The prices in most stadiums are outrageously expensive, but until people stop buying them, NFL teams will keep up with the inflation. Philadelphia Eagles Fans It’s not exactly uncommon for out-of-towners to rip Philadelphia. Opposing fans aren’t crazy about rowdy Eagles fans invading a stadium for a road game, and they like to take their shots at the most passionate fan base in professional sports. “I’ve never heard of anyone being happy about beer prices at the Linc. But maybe that’s a good thing considering the reputation of the Philadelphia sports fan.” They lightened the jab by pointing out that prices will naturally rise for a Super Bowl contender, and the list also included a funny story about an Eagles fan showing up for a tailgate at the Linc at 4:30 a.m. Wear the badge of honor as the most criticized fan base, and enjoy your beers responsibly at Lincoln Financial Field. https://x.com/Pat_Egan/status/1706428467355496489?s=20 [select-gallery gallery_id="477548" syndication_name="meet-the-53-man-roster-for-your-2023-2024-eagles" description="no"]

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