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Philly’s Own, The Hooters, Have a Brand New Album Out Now

One of the great musical acts from right here in Philadelphia made their return to releasing new music for the first time in over a decade and I could not be any more stoked! Yes, that’s right, there is a brand new Hooters record that was released last Friday, May 12th! The album is titled, “Rocking & Swinging,” and it is incredible! It is the band’s first studio record since 2010! Think back to that time just to realize how long it has been since they shared a new album with the world. Michael Vick was the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, the Phillies were well on their way to another first-place finish in the NL East, the Sixers were still being led by Andre Iguodala and Elton Brand, and the most shocking of them all, the Flyers were in the Stanley Cup! As for the music that year, the number one  charting song was “Tik Tok” by Kesha. Not that there’s anything wrong with Kesha, but needless to say, I am sure happy we finally have some new Hooters instead! Especially since the new album is a return to their early ska and reggae roots. This album has been one I’ve been excited to let you all know about for a little while, so I’m excited it has officially been released to the public. A few weeks back, I along with some of my radio friends got invited to an early listening session at the Hooters’ recording studio in Conshohocken for an early sneak peek of the new album! It was amazing! Pierre Robert, Preston Elliot from The Preston and Steve Show, John DeBella, and Bill Weston, to name a few, were all there jamming out to the new record! Plus, I got to see my buddy, Larry Magid, who is one of the most legendary concert promoters ever! Larry has sold more tickets and brought more people together in shared experiences of live performances than just about anyone! He is a Philadelphia institution! It was also good to see David’s wife Dallyn who does a lot of PR work for the band! By the way, you can catch the Hooters on the “I Want My 80s” tour with Rick Springfield and Paul Young, and Tommy Tutone for select dates! They will be at the Hard Rock in Atlantic City on August 12th! So be sure to go listen to the new album and catch it live at the end of the summer! “Rocking & Swinging” is out now! [gallery size="full" ids="898844,898847,898850,898853,898856"] More From Matt Cord... [select-listicle listicle_id="897774" syndication_name="behind-the-scenes-working-the-taylor-swift-concert-in-philadelphia" description="yes"] [select-listicle listicle_id="897654" syndication_name="matt-cords-top-11-moments-from-sixers-vs-celtics-game-6" description="yes"] [select-listicle listicle_id="897072" syndication_name="my-reaction-to-the-big-win-by-the-philadelphia-76ers-in-game-5" description="yes"]