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John DeBella Signs Off: 12 Memorable Photos

Philly radio legend John DeBella retired today, June 30, after 41 wonderful years in radio. As John DeBella signs off, we celebrate his illustrious career. John has meant the world to this city. The love he has shown Philadelphia has been paramount. Today, Philadelphia showed him that love right back. Beasley Philadelphia employees showed up in droves to see John just seconds after he stepped out of the studio after his final broadcast. People were tailgating in the parking lot outside the studio. News outlets came to cover the historic moment. The appreciation for this radio legend was through the roof. John leaves behind a lasting impact. His mentorship and expertise have helped cultivate many successful radio careers. He's quick as a whip, tongue-in-cheek, and overall, funny as all hell. We will forever be singing Nikki Hoi and wearing our Hawaiian shirts on Fridays. Philly will "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." We will play "Louie Louie" on our kazoos as we march into the sunset. All thanks to the one and only John DeBella. So, as John DeBella signs off, we wish him nothing but the best in his retirement. Don't be a stranger, John. The city of Philadelphia loves you!  

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