John DeBella

Sequoia Outback With John DeBella 6.2.18

John DeBella and The Classic Rock Squad spent some time at the Sequoia Sizzling Saturday Event at Sequoia Outback in Hatfield, PA. John DeBella hosted live cooking demos with chefs from Fire magic, Primo and Weber, and the Classic Rock Squad gave away some awesome prizes!

2016 John DeBella Veterans Radiothon

The tenth annual John DeBella veterans radiothon saw great success having raised over $174,000. Many local veterans at the Veterans Multi-Service Center will get much needed support thanks to all the donations that came through the phone room, online, e-bay action items and the constitution auction center.

6-5-16 MGK’s DeBella Dog Walk

MGK’s Dog Walk returned to Green Lane Park for another successful year at the park. Tons of pups came to the event, and a new mayor (Laina) was even crowned, and paraded around the grounds with John DeBella.

3-8-16 - PHOTOS Comfort Food Fest

The 9th Annual John DeBella Comfort Food Fest went underway at The Philadelphia Fillmore. Over 10 Philly restaurant's participated in the event and created original comfort food creations that included pulled pork, mac n' cheese, and even stew. Chef Yun Fuentes of Alma de Cuba took home the Golden Spoon award.

2-7-16 Big Game, Big Party with John DeBella

John DeBella was at XFinity Live for the Big Game. There was a lot of action, football fans, and even a retired Eagles football player - Bill Bergey was there for the big party too. Many prizes (some Eagles related) were given away at the party.