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Sixers Debut Their In-Season Tournament Court

For the first time this season, we saw the new 76ers in-season tournament court at the Wells Fargo Center.  ON Tuesday, November 14, the Sixers faced the Indiana Pacers for the 2nd time in 3 days, but this time it mattered! Ok, maybe it doesn't matter that much, but it is one of the games in this new NBA in-season tournament. If you're not sure what this whole tournament is or how it works, neither do I. But we have 17-year NBA vet and ESPN basketball analyst Richard Jefferson to break it down for us. That cleared it up, but an easy way to tell whether the game you're watching or attending is an in-season tournament game is to look at the court. Does it look like a normal basketball court you've seen your whole life or does it look crazy and colorful. If the former, it's a normal regular season game. If the latter it's an tournament game, but it's also a regular season game. So... yea. You get it. Tonight we're going to be able to see the tournament floor for the Sixers. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a red floor with a navy blue stripe running down the middle from baseline to baseline. I'm kind of excited to see this on TV, but I feel like the darker or more colorful courts will translate better on TV. I hope they do, because the floor when they played in Detroit was light grey and rough on the eyes. It was almost as if it was too bright and your eyes needed to adjust. That same night I did see the Celtics court which is a medium green color and it did look good (is medium green a color?) The NBA twitter account put our a tweet with all the teams court in the tweet thread. Some look really good, but some are atrocious. Maybe they ugly ones hit you more than they hit me. Either way, Sixers are playing on a red and blue court tonight. Pretty cool. Here is what all the courts look like. [select-listicle listicle_id="932867" syndication_name="nba-in-season-tournament-fans-lose-it-over-courts-and-jerseys" description="yes"]

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