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Pennsylvania: New Pickleball Franchise Backed By Drew Brees Set To Launch

Former NFL Quarterback Drew Brees used to launch passes all over the football field. Now, this Super Bowl champ has backed a new pickleball franchise called The Picklr, and they are set to launch in Pennsylvania soon. Specifically, Newtown is the first area that will be home to this exciting new set of pickleball courts. According to The Picklr's site, Newtown is scheduled to open in October of 2024. In the meantime, let's dig into what makes this pickleball establishment different. Here is what you have to look forward to. What To Expect With This New Pickleball Franchise Experience As you would expect, The Picklr is an indoor pickleball facility that contains multiple courts. They operate off a membership model, similar to that of a gym or your local fitness center. The Picklr describes themselves and their business model by saying they are "The fastest-growing club for the fastest-growing sport." In fact, they are very transparent about all their expected business growth over the next two years. By looking at their franchise map, you can see that 275 locations across the country are committed. Specifically in Pennsylvania that includes 8 locations coming soon, however only the aforementioned Newtown spot has been announced so far. In terms of actually playing the game, The Picklr offers members an all-encompassing pickleball experience. There's unlimited play, tournaments, leagues to join, clinics, and member events. Each membership holder can also bring four guests to their club per month. Locker rooms and showers are also an amenity of every club. As for Drew Brees, the Super Bowl champ has a long history of being in the franchise business and the sport of pickleball. Brees has shared via his social media handles how he's played in the NOLA Picklefest. He's also an owner of Walk-On's restaurants, Smalls Sliders, and Jimmy John's franchises. In fact, his world came together in an Instagram post-Brees shared in November when Jimmy John's gifted Brees some customer pickleball gear. Brees has also promoted to his 1.7 million Instagram followers the growth of The Picklr quite a bit lately. Recent posts this week show clips of Brees talking about Picklr expanding to the state of Indiana, a state Brees has ties to as a Purdue alumni. In Pennsylvania, The Picklr is having a promotion for prospective player to become founding members. "The first 150 members to join will get an exclusive discounted rate for life," they said.

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