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Paul McCartney

The Top 5 Classic Rock Christmas Songs

We only have a month long span to get all of our Christmas music in. Unless you work at, or listen to a certain station in Philadelphia that starts playing Christmas music at midnight after Halloween. Gotta get a head start! Once we get into December it's really time to start busting out the rock n roll Christmas. I like a lot of different Christmas songs that are all different genres, but there are five that I think are the Top 5 classic rock Christmas songs. Let's begin with the songs that just missed the cut. They're all great, but fall outside the top 5 classic rock Christmas songs for me. We'll call them honorable mentions. Honorable Mentions: The Eagles - Please Come Home for Christmas Billy Squier - Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You Bruce Springsteen - Merry Christmas Baby U2 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) Beach Boys (Not classic rock, but close) - Little Saint Nick You can argue all you want about the order of these songs. It will take a lot for you to change my mind on these 5 being the top of the top when it comes to classic rockers putting out Christmas music. Top 5 5. Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime (1979) 4. Eddie Money & Ronnie Spector - Everybody Loves Christmas (1986) 3. The Kinks - Father Christmas (1977) 2. Tom Petty - Christmas All Over Again (1992) 1. Elton John - Step Into Christmas (1973) Everything about these songs is perfect for Christmas. They're great to be mixed into your Christmas playlist with some of the contemporary Christmas music a lot of people grew up with. Once December hits, I have these songs on all the time. While I'm cooking, weekend mornings with a cup of coffee and the kids running around. Definitely while we're decorating the inside of the house and Christmas tree. It's just a great way to feel more into Christmas, especially if you need that extra little push because you haven't been listening to Christmas tunes since Halloween. [select-listicle listicle_id="937544" syndication_name="christmas-books-12-memorable-spark-holiday-spirit" description="yes"]